5 Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is a beautiful thing. If you’re a lover of coffee, you enjoy it black, with cream, strong, or weak, it doesn’t matter. When you are poured a fresh cup, you will have the taste of the gods in your mouth, and that’s just the starting line. The demand for coffee around the world continues to grow, and there are a lot of facts about this drink that you may not know about. In fact, there are some things that are downright fun, and interesting. Beyond caffeine, taste, and quality, take a look at 5 fun facts about coffee today.

The Most Demanded Item

Starting with an economic element, you’ll find that coffee is a commodity that is so high in demand, it’s only second to oil in terms of economic impact. Think about that for a moment. Oil is the #1 commodity traded in the world, and the #2 in the world is simple, this drink. That’s immense.

Goats Discovered Coffee

Did you know that goats discovered coffee? As the history notes discuss, around the 9th century goats discovered the power of the beans and plant that would become the world’s greatest drink. Goat herders found that their flocks were dancing a bit when they ate certain berries from plants in the hills. That led them to make a drink out of the berries and it became a stellar discovery.

It Can Grow In The Shade

When you think about gardening, you will no doubt think about the standards of gardens. You will find that you plant seeds, you water them, and you have plenty of sunlight. But did you know that coffee doesn’t need the sunlight? In fact, the most compelling and robust flavors can come from shade. Shade grown options from Mexico and Jamaica are highly sought after, and the flavor is quite interesting to compare with others.

Cat Poop Makes The Most Compelling Coffee (and expensive)

Would you pay hundreds of dollars per pound of coffee? To compare, Starbucks usually charges under 20 dollars in the United States. Ramp that up to 600 dollars, and you’re going to find that cat poop coffee is absolutely expensive. Sumatran wild cat’s feces make this the most expensive beans in the world, but hey, the taste is supposedly like heaven.

George Washington Had No Patience When It Came To Coffee

Moving to one of the most exciting fun facts that you’re going to find is about a man named George Washington. George Washington was not a patient man when it came to his cup of coffee. He found himself mad at the time it took to get things going, so he experimented and invented instant coffee. Folders has a lot to thank Washington for, with faster processing and dried options. Oh, and this is NOT the President Washington, even though many confuse it.

There you have it. These are some amazing facts that you’ll no doubt find to be fun and fascinating. The next time you meet someone for a drink, let them know about these great moments in the history of this caffeinated delight.

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